Oh July! What heat you bring! This is not my first summer so I am better equipped for fun! I have packed away my winter coat and love the little fan that is attached to my kennel. Every now and again, I sport my raisers sunglasses and I have loved lying around in the park watching the world go by. Yes, I am that mature now that I can actually just hang out in the park!

Summer is fun! I am not a big swimmer and my raisers don’t really care so we keep up with our walks in the woods, off-leash outside training time and I always welcome an outdoor adventure at the end of the workday. Long evenings are the best, aren’t they?!?

I had a few sleepovers with some colleagues and even stayed over at their homes. This has been amazing because I got to practice skills in the privacy of my own space so it is okay if I am not great the first time. My raisers rehearse with me over and over again so that when I finally do get to play with the other dog, its because I showed that I am getting better with handling my emotions.

I loved my week with Houston’s family, we did a puppy/house swap. I enjoyed the time with Beans, Houston’s feline companion as well as taking on some new routines and practicing new stairs.

It sounds like all we are doing is fun in the sun, but let me assure you that we are also taking care of business. We are back to using buses and trains when we can, working on skills daily, and checking on spaces and places that don’t fill me with confidence. When we find them, we tackle them and figure them out so that we can rehearse and master them.

I’ll touch base again next month cause for now I am going to go find a cool floor to spread out on ๐Ÿ™‚

Submitted by: #TeamFranz