These humans!  You remember I told you about the CHER concert…?  It turns out it was a woman!   No wonder English is so hard to learn.

June was exciting again and at least at Andrea Bocelli’s concert, I got to sit in the club section…which means that I got a sneak peak of the actual concert, as we were the only ones there.  [Note to self: when next at Rogers Arena, think twice about climbing the steep stairs so that we are offered an upgrade.]

The art world is big and this city has so much to offer, and last month I got to attend a VIP reception at the home of a renowned art collector in Vancouver.

Sport is also an important part of my raiser’s life and golf courses are turning out to be a recurring place to be.  I thought the Zumba classes were long, but we spent an entire DAY on the golf course!  Fortunately, I felt relaxed and had my portable kennel with me so that I could take a time-out whenever I needed it.

Sometimes I am not sure why I am working so hard to graduate, but the other day at “Matilda The Musical”, it all became clear.  I saw 3 working dogs helping their special people and I can’t wait for my turn! 

Remember those people I told you about last time, the ones who took me to the States?  Well, I had a little vacation with them again when my raisers went on their summer holidays.  It was amazing to go back to school and to spend time sharing their lives! 

Oh and before I go, did you notice the few changes in the weather lately?  The massive winds were a little terrifying and the heat is very uncomfortable at times.  Thanks god I have my fan and some ice packs for my vests – which should make July manageable.  Let’s just hope for a dry, but a little cooler month.

Submitted By: Sabrina & Leanne Christie