We all learn from our experiences and June started off with me going to a sitter with a cat! I got caught a little off guard and now realize how patient my raisers are and that for my own peace of mind, I sometimes need to just let things go and not fuss about them. It’s all behind us now and when I got home, my raisers took me on walks to decompress. Have you been to the Golden Ears Provincial Park? What a beautiful place! The water is green, the trees are giant, people are friendly, and there are dogs “lying” on the beach.

June is Yellow-vest-come-back-month. What a relief! We’ve been taking it slow, but I can go shopping again to help with those important dietary decisions. You know…. the ones where they pick sardines and cheese as my high-value treats. I don’t want to complain but during the pandemic, I felt that carrots and apples were the new “high values” and it ain’t cheese and sardines, guys!!!

The homework has intensified this month and I feel like my grounding is getting stronger and stronger. I love the kibbles but I am still disappointed that I don’t see my classmates. At least this month, I got lucky to have my good friend Wilbur visit for an overnight. What fun we had…actually we were pretty reasonable and chilled. Maybe I’m getting old already.

You’ll notice that I am submitting my report early this month…I know I know, I am such a good student, but the truth is that I am on a puppy swap until the end of June so I figured that nothing else will happen in my “usual” home. I am very excited about this adventure as I will be spending some time with a little human brother and heard that he has a backyard with a trampoline. Maybe he’ll show me how to play 😉

I wish I had more to tell you but I’ve been “out” of the house on my “own” a little more this month so there isn’t much exciting news apart from that we continue to practice walking on all different kind of surfaces, my recall is getting stronger by the minute, my loose leash walking is awesome and we are working on alternatives to my alert barking. Did you know that, apparently, the simple fact that I go to my bed when people are ringing the front doorbell is sufficient for people to know we have a visitor?

With summer here and COVID-19 virus slowly getting under control, maybe we’ll get actual guests in July? You will be the first to know.

Submitted By: Sabrina & Leanne Christie