Lilo in her vest, lying down looking at camera with her front paws crossed.

High school musical they said, just a simple school play they said, no big deal they said … what they didn’t say was that we were going to be in the front row and that it was a full production and that the stage had no height! The lights went down, the band started playing and then the curtains opened and I was there! in the action with kids skating, playing with basketballs, cheerleaders with pom poms and all of them singing and dancing!

The look on my raiser’s face was priceless, they clearly had not expected this either! I took it in my stride but did let the kids know when they had missed a note or felt that I could add another layer of artistry. As you can imagine, the Lacrosse game at Roger’s Arena and the Performance at the Contemporary dance festival was just not a thing after the way the month started, even though the dance was very heavy with the drumming.

Life has been good and that little off-leash park turned out to be one for the big guys and one for the little ones like me. I loved it and spent time running laps along the fence with a big dog that looked like my dad but not to worry when the raisers called ‘puppy puppy’, I went.

I have met quite a few other family members this month which has been great as I have really felt that I needed some good old dog time and have had play dates as well as spending the day with what the raisers call a ‘sitter’ – she didn’t sit much so I don’t get it?

I guess the only downer was this little rash that I had on my nose, not that it bothered me so much as the warm Epsom salt water washes that the raisers kept giving me (they were a little tasty) and I am not a fan of the vet, my last injections were a little painful. I was embarrassed as I think my brother Dervish heard me cry a little. I am happy and my raisers seem to be happy with me, we all seem to have gelled into a team and it is definitely getting easier to figure out what they are doing and want me to do. I can’t wait for my 2 playdates next month with my classmates from kindergarten and I think that I am spending a week with a cat called Bernie?

Submitted By: Sabrina & Leanne Christie