What a strange month!  What a strange time! My raisers are acting odd and I have felt a huge difference, especially with my workdays.  I am more mature and more mellow, so the change hasn’t been a hardship and I am kind of enjoying the quiet.

My daily commute of 2 hrs on public transit has been cut down to a 27 min car ride and my schedule has switched from leaving the house at 10 am and coming back at 8:30 pm to a more sensible 7 – 5.  What a treat!  [Well…to be perfectly honest with you, I am not really a morning dog so I try to stay in bed as long as possible and then quickly do my morning chores when it is time to leave.]

I have adapted and am amazing as always.  I am only wearing my cape for afternoon training and naps, and I keep my distance from….well, there isn’t anyone around anymore to keep social distanced from, lol!  I still work hard during the day, as I practice courage on the stairs, run through all of my cues and work on duration (they keep leaving me in positions and go off to do their chores!)  Then I get home and get some ‘me’ pleasure/off-leash time with my other raiser!


It’s been great!  We’ve even been working methodically during the afternoon walks as they are planned and thought out so that I can build self-confidence and continue to work on dog distraction. I wow my raisers with my ability to settle, my determination to face my fears, my capacity to finally ignore other dogs and my constant desire to please my handler.  I know that for many, the lack of socialization and the physical distancing is difficult, but the past few weeks has been fine for me as it seems that only having my two humans right by my side is all I need.

I do miss my magic cape though…. I miss going grocery shopping, going to the smelly Friday night Zumba class, and watching all the eccentric individuals on the bus and in Chinatown.  But I get it, and I am actually experiencing a different way of life without a puppy swap!

Have you ever heard the sound of a train horn or the squeaky sound of the railways as the train is pulling its carriages?  Well, I now have.  Oh, and do you have everyone in your neighbourhood coming out of their homes at 7 pm every night to make some noise as a display of appreciation to the hard-working health-care professionals and essential workers keeping the city running in these uncertain times?  We do too and trust me that the sound of pots and pans clanging along with the horns and the yells don’t get unnoticed 😉  What is going to happen next month? I can assure you that the lack of puppy class & socialization is not going to derail me. My new daily routine has incorporated more and longer training sessions, plenty of group virtual calls (sometimes, my raisers’ friends laugh so hard that it’s like they are in the house), and my raisers are already talking about going back to the drive-in – if it stays allowed, obviously.

Submitted By: Sabrina & Leanne Christie