The anticipated “going back to normal” didn’t happen in May, but I have at least been able to see a few of my close friends this month, and I even met my dad, PADS Balfour!  I know – so exciting!  And I can see why mom liked him! 

It was just the two of us from the PADS family and dozens of other dogs in the dog park but my dad was always looking out for me.  I was a little distracted and enjoyed making other friends, too, but I think that that is pretty normal after being ‘locked up’ for a few months.  🙂


This month was also fabulous as I got to spend a lot of time with both my raisers and we are all getting along very nicely.  The raisers have been a little more specific and everything has needed to be perfect.  I am always awesome but they were more focused on me not being sloppy with my position changes.  They also taught me new methods of learning, like luring many times means that I should offer that behaviour … eventually. ,It’s exciting as I am always open to getting more kibbles, but some exercises are not that intuitive and I prefer the luring-kibble-party.  In a matter of time, I get it, although sometimes it feels like they want me to read their minds.

I love the cuddles on our movie nights on the lounge floor, but this month we went to the drive-in!  We were early so that we could get good “seats” and used the time to have a fun training session in a novel environment.  I guess people there that night liked superheroes ’cause the movies were “Wonder Woman” and “Aquaman”, and I got loads of attention.  You humans can be so funny, and so lovable.  You don’t even know me, but always have to comment on how well behaved, gorgeous and attentive I am.  I was happy and believe that my reputation is important, but I wasn’t even wearing my superhero cape!  People just knew 😉  Oh and yes, capes are still not allowed in public so I am only wearing mine when I am in the house, or at the studio.

Stay at Home “rules” changed this month, which meant that virtual birthdays were not always necessary and we are now able to meet up…well, outside the home and far from each other, because we must remain cautious.  But what fun times!  I am not sure that I have loved wearing the “birthday party hat” twice in two days, but I love the connection.  I am always happy to honour someone’s birth, and frankly, outside is my favourite location.  I even encountered this tiny – and I mean tiny! – little human.  He smelt different, he made incredible sounds and I am not sure what was going in his mouth but I know it wasn’t the usual type of food that humans eat…  I think that I will “recognize” him when I next see him, as I had a very good understanding of who he was, what he was wearing, and what his “bed” looks like. Strange, very strange.

I had another fabulous experience this month which was to spend 4 days with a complete stranger.  She was patient, caring and so adorable that I fell for her right away.  We got to know each other on the first day.  Her accent was different from the South African and French that I am used to hearing, and her stairs were also quite different which I needed to process, but then we got to hang out in her home and it was hard saying goodbye.  I have actually already been dropping suggestions that I would like to see her again.

That’s all for me.  I hope you are also coping nicely with the current situation and that your summer is looking promising nonetheless!

Submitted By: Sabrina & Leanne Christie