What a roller coaster! One week, we’re allowed to see friends and go back to physical classes, and the next, we aren’t. It’s so confusing and I am so glad that I have two people who are keeping me on my toes…because yes, they are doing an amazing job shaking up my routine and not letting me know what tomorrow’s schedule will be like. To their credit, they are also confused about what’s going to happen next.

This month, I have been to the studio but I mostly stayed home and it was a good learning curve because the studio has almost become my home and working at home wasn’t a thing anymore. So believe it or not, even if I turned 2 this month, working at home shook my world – in a good way obviously.

This month has not been that bad for my social life, as my furry 14-week old friend Léo spent some time with us and that I saw a lot of small humans. Fifi is one of them and she makes me feel at ease and even though I love her high-pitched voice and demeanor. I always seem to stay in control around her and it’s been good to hang out with other kids.

How about you? Did you also notice how early the Christmas lights went up this year? I think this is one of the highlights of our dark, raining, and cold evening walks. I am decorated like a Christmas tree as my raisers invested in proper rain and safety gear this year, but it’s worth it and we are enjoying the winter nightlife.

There isn’t much more to add to our dark November month and although I feel like Christmas will be quite different this year, I am kinda looking forward to being with just the two people I love the most at this very moment in my life.

Happy Holiday and I’ll speak to you again in 2021!

Submitted by: teamFranz