My raisers theatre season tickets have started and even though I enjoyed the first play, I think it would have been fair for them to warn me that our first was almost three hours long! My good behavior that night was rewarded with an exploration of the land of the pumpkins the next day, so I guess it was worth it.
Last month was clearly about duration experiences as we went to the drive-in to watch two movies back to back and I participated in my longest Zumba class ever. They called it a fundraiser so it was only fair that I behaved well for the full two hours. How cute of my raisers to think that the Luke Combs concert at Rogers Arena the following day would be a perfect reward. It wasn’t! The younger, louder crowd throwing beers on the floor, and constantly trying to touch me just didn’t do it for me. Even though it was my fourth concert at that venue, we had to leave early.

I am sure you’ve noticed the autumn landscape colors and the falling leaves? We have had many neighborhood walks and I practiced dog distractions as well as capturing a few good pics of myself. Thanksgiving was fabulous as we celebrated this special holiday, twice! I am still confused as to why my raiser was the one cooking the turkey on both occasions and why I had to sit in the car for 55 min with the freshly cooked turkey as we transported it to our first dinner celebration. To be honest, this didn’t really disturb me and I was my usual self, sleeping comfortably in my tiny passenger foot well all way through.

Leading up to my one year birthday, my raisers thought it was important for me to encounter more adult and serious activities such as gambling at the casino and voting. It turned out that I was their “rabbit’s foot” – not that you should ever think of me as a rabbit! I hear that they are good pets but I don’t think working or assistance rabbits exist yet. Next month is my birthday and I was told that I will be spending the afternoon with my mum, my half-brother, and my brother. I am so looking forward to showing mum how much I have grown and how much I have learned.

Submitted By: Sabrina & Leanne Christie