Is orange the colour theme this month because all I see outside and inside is orange? It’s on our kitchen table, in our carport, and everywhere on the sidewalk and parks. It’s gorgeous and my raisers make sure that I get some good walks so that I can enjoy this time of year.

Remember when I told you that I was happy to finally go back to Zumba class? Well I’d like to take this back. We are now working out two or three times a week and although I am able to sleep during songs, I am also aware when each song ends and make sure to check in to see if I am needed. It’s OK because life being a little more normal means that I can go to the recycling depot, grab coffees at Tim Hortons or Starbucks, change our tires at Kaltire, and most importantly, I got to see some of my classmates again. Yes, my good friends Velvet, Lore, and Esme were present at our first physical puppy class in a very long time. What a great (and much needed) time!

Talking about friends, I made a new one this month. Not in our neighborhood this time but my raiser’s best friend got a new puppy. Léo is tiny and wants to play all the time, so I am slowly teaching him the balance of playing and resting. I have been enjoying my quiet moments and sleeping has become my favorite activity. Did I tell you that I slept until 10 am two Sundays in a row? I think that if work wasn’t in the way, I could sleep in like this every day.

Halloween is coming up fast and I realize that I am not scared of any of the displays this year. What I am “scared of” though is my costume for Halloween night! I have never been a pup who likes dressing up and this kind of night gets my raisers a little too creative and frivolous. Please tell me that I’m gonna be fine.

Have a safe Halloween and with winter creeping up on us, be sure to stay warm and sleep as much as you can lol!

Submitted by: #TeamFranz