Yes, back to school has finally happened but surprisingly, I didn’t recognize any of my usual class mates, did they leave me? I was my usual self, friendly to the other dogs but I got it together pretty quickly. I obviously wanted to impress my new instructor. Plus, I’ve always loved learning new “tricks” so when it was time to try going from one side roll to the other side, I was keen.

I told you about the water last month, well…this month was a different kind of water – and I didn’t like it either! So much water that my raisers bought me a raincoat that I wear even when they ask me to toilet! It’s a bit ridiculous but I guess it keeps me dry.

I finally found out where the big boats go! To my raisers grandparents house where my raisers 92 year old great grandmother lives too! The ferries were pretty exciting but I especially loved the long sleeps in the car between the boats and felt very special being one of the only dogs that was actually allowed to tour the decks. Poor other dogs had to stay in an ugly room with the cars, ugh.

Talking about other dogs and actual treats, my half brother came to spend the night with me. Man, does that guy know how to play? It sure was a surprise to come home and see my half brother in the house the other night. Can you imagine my excitement to come home to find the grandparents and my great grandmother in my home this time! I was pumped but it was also a learning curve to share my space with so many people and personalities, on top of making sure that I had an eye on my raisers. I think I handled it like a pro even though they stayed here for an entire week!

Speaking of pro, I didn’t go to a Canucks game but I did cheer on our local hockey team. Well no, of course I didn’t cheer, that would have been inappropriate with my deep voice but I watched closely and held my breath quietly when everything went crazy after the goals.

The cooler months are settling in, I can feel it. I have loved summer but I was born in the winter and am kinda looking forward to some cool months. I think the raisers have some season tickets to the theater so I’m guessing that the next time we chat, I can give you the reviews.

Chat soon x

Submitted By: Sabrina & Leanne Christie