What good times in September!  A few late nights, a trip to the Sunshine Coast, and finally, I got back to Zumba class!

No more virtual workouts where I “participate” by sleeping in my own bed though… 🙁

Our late nights are always with the same people and no, they don’t have furry friends, but at least the locations differ and I love discovering new places.

I also enjoy new smells so it’s been great … well, until my handler needs me and then I stay at her feet all night.



I do understand, I am turning 2 at the end of November so I need to step up my game and to be perfectly honest, I don’t mind taking care of my handler and always appreciate a moment to snooze.  Some people are surprised at how mature I have become and how much sleep I can do in a day.  It surprises me, too, but this maturing hasn’t taken away some of my best features:  the loving, kind, and playful puppy that I have always been.

While many have gone back to school, I haven’t, and sleeping during our virtual classes has become my favourite way of learning lol.  We all know that napping improves performances so I am just “following the doctor’s orders”.

Everything else is the same as we practice different surfaces daily, we climb every staircase that we encounter, we avoid sticks but most importantly we keep making sure that “scary” situations get handled properly so that I can build confidence and get rewarded for bravery.  And let me just say that I have been brave lately and conquered so much 😉

Take care friends, and we’ll catch up again at the end of October!

Submitted By:  #TeamFranz