I have been a busy puppy this August. My raisers are still busy fixing up our home, so I have been practicing being cool and calm despite having strangers in my home. They are working and making noise – even when I am relaxing in my kennel.

This month I went to two fairs, one was the Chilliwack Country Fair and at first, I was reluctant to go into the show barns. There were so many different smells, but my raisers gave me time to sniff the air and get used to the strange sounds. After that, I was good to go. While there, I found out that I am not a fan of sheep. I also went to the PNE with lots of my PADS puppy friends and their raisers. I kept my cool in the crowd, sniffed the great aromas around the food vendors, rocked the show barn (I had practice), and then chilled under a picnic table while my raisers had some food and listened to UB40.

I was a gracious host to PADS Maya when she came and visited with PADS Bonnie. We played in the yard, took her on our trail walk, and snoozed together on our beds.

Submitted By: Ross and Veronica Spenard