Gabi was with a sitter for 11 days this month and my understanding is that she settled in well. She had different experiences than she would with us. The sitter has young children and Gabi experienced being around other youngsters. She was able to walk into a daycare nicely which we feel was a very big feat for her. She rode on public transit and settled into an office environment. We also found that when we brought Gabi back home afterwards, she was more settled. We think the sitter experience contributed to that.

We had a Walk-and-Talk training session which we found really beneficial. There were things we were unsure about and this was able to give us some clarification. This was also the month that the social distancing protocol was brought in. We have found the Facebook posts from other experienced raisers has helped us with things to work on with Gabi. We have been concentrating on duration and the homework that we have been asked to do, as well as fine-tuning the other skills we learned prior to cancellation of classes.

Submitted By: May Steele