I continue to work hard at keeping the hoomans in the world safe by physically distancing myself and not going out, in cape, in public.  This is not difficult for me, as I just entered my third heat cycle, so I would have been out of my (super hero) cape anyways.

This month, my hoomans and I have gone back to the puppy basics. They are really ensuring that the mechanics to my cue of “bed”, is done with perfection (it was already pretty great, just brushing up on my skills!)  Furthermore, we are just starting to work hard on my impulse control.  Although, I have really strong impulse control, it’s a skill that continuously needs to be worked on, according to my trainer.  My hoomans started out by just tempting me initially with kibbles, however, I told them that was too easy, so they decided to try me with my favourite treat, beef sticks!  Well, I resisted those beef sticks and actually asked my hoomans to find a higher value treat and now they are trying to figure out what I can’t resist (good luck hoomans!)

Submitted By: the Jolly Family