Well the busy time of Christmas has rolled around and I have been practicing my “off switch” in the home, which my raisers consistently tell me is “amazing”. Moreover, I have been spending lots of time close to home as I entered into my second heat the beginning of December, which means I have not been in my (super) cape since the beginning of the month — vacation!! Don’t worry too much about me having to lay low, I have mastered my sad puppy eyes and I get extra snacks from the raisers.

Additionally, my raisers are looking after a PADS breeding dog named Teak, so I got extra play and cuddles with her this month. It has been difficult sharing my toys and bones with Teak and my friends that visit our home, but I quickly learned that if I don’t share… ALL my toys get taken away, which my raiser mentioned to me that it was something about “resource guarding”. I got my toys back as I learned to share with Teak and my other friends.

With regards to my training and socialization, I feel that I have been excelling (I judge this by the number of treats I get)! I have most of my commands on cue now, however I continue to brush up on my “side” and “roll”. My raisers also continue to challenge me to fit in small places; I am learning if I just go in and settle, I get lots of snacks… put it this way, I learn VERY quickly.

I packed my bags as I am going to stay with a sitter for approximately the next six weeks while my raisers focus on Teak and her babies. While I am with the sitters, I will get to have many new experiences and opportunities! For example, I have been building up my skills of working with little kids in an elementary school setting the past couple of months… and all that hard work paid off, because now with my sitter, I will be working Monday through Friday in an elementary school. I hope there’s lots of treats!

Submitted By:Jolly Family