I have now been home with my puppy raisers for a few weeks and did I ever miss them! I enjoyed the time that I spent with my sitter and all the smol hoomans that I got to work with at the elementary school. I must say that it was such a great experience, but I am also excited to be back home! When I got home, I got to go to work with my hooman.  AFD PADS Roo was there also! I was very good and not too dog distracted by Roo but rather took notes on how to get to that Blue vest!

I am going to continue to settle back into my home life and work hard on learning my skills to the best of my abilities. I know all my cues, however, if I choose to do them is a different story. I am also practicing extremely hard on mastering the mechanics of my sit, stands, and downs (think puppy push-ups).

Can’t wait to update you in March after I’ve been home for a full month!

Submitted By: Jolly Family