During the month of March 2020, all my PADS pals and myself hung up our capes to help “flatten the curve” during this virus pandemic that is making many hoomans sick throughout the world. In other words, this month I did not go out in public in my cape but rather spent all of March snuggling my hooman’s and helping them feel better as they spent their time close to home, physically isolating from the world. It has been a bit slower of a month, however I feel that I needed a big “capecation” after working so hard at the elementary school last month. I enjoy a good nap in the comfort of hooman’s blankets!

I continue to excel in my cues and continue to work on positioning to ensure my bum is in the right spot when in a “heel”, “here”, or “side”. Another thing that my hooman made me work on this month was being stepped over top of. I really don’t like it when people step over me and in order to help me manage this fear my hooman set up my bed in the middle of the doorway while he was doing cleaning.I must say, he went in and out of the room more than he really needed to!

Additionally, I love my weekend play dates with my other PADS pals and continue to long for the hot summer months that we can spend swimming at the beach with my puppy friends! I am so over this rainy weather! Hooman also had a 13 week puppy over for a handful of nights, which was extremely fun but I must say puppies are very exhausting!

Submitted By: Jolly Family