I have been working hard on learning the ways of living in a busier town (rather than my wide open lake house)! At times, it has been scary however with the support of my raisers, I have been able to recover from stressful situations quickly. I am learning how to manage my big emotions to make more positive experiences. The highlight of this month was that I got to go on an Air Canada plane during the PADS YVR tour and I wasn’t scared one bit! My hooman even fit me into the tiny washroom on board the plane.

I continue to get new experiences such as commuting in different vehicles, taking public transit, doing busy city activities, meeting new hoomans, and making more dog friends! I even started meeting young people in a grade 4 class at a local elementary school. I have been a super star with my overall sweetness and they have completely fallen in love with my weekly visits. I am regaining my title of “the dog that can settle anywhere” which this month included the barber shop, on an airplane, in a spa, medical appointments, busy airport, Tsawwassen Mills mall, and an elementary school grade 4 class!

Submitted By: Jolly Family