So this month I moved in with two new humans… and get this, I do not have to share the house with anyone else. I get the humans all to myself. There are no other dogs or cats to steal my scratches! The only difficult thing is that it is a little bit busier at my new home than up at my lake house. It is important for me to continue to work on my public access skills and slowly work towards being able to spend time in busier places. My new humans have been great in keeping their promise and giving me ample time in the ocean and river for swimming. I met some new PADS friends this month and it was super cool because I got to show them how to swim in the wide open ocean waters!

Also, my new human told me that we were not only going to try public transit this month, but we were also going to go on a train that flies in the sky. I wouldn’t have believed it if I didn’t go on it myself but it was so fun and I nailed it! As I continue to build my confidence in the busier towns and situations, I have had so many new experiences such as going to Ikea, Costco, as well as Acupuncture and Massage therapy appointments. They were for the humans not me – I wish, but I guess all the scratches I get makes up for the missed professional massage therapy appointments.

As my human was asked to transport a puppy who flew in from Dallas back to headquarters, I also had the experience of practicing “doing nothing” at the Vancouver Internal Airport arrivals. Then I had to share my chariot with said new puppy and he also decided to chew on my toys on the car ride to the office. I have learned that I am very good at sharing my toys with others.

Submitted By: Jolly Family