This month Gatsby got to visit the elementary school twice and we are able to start lengthening his duration there. Starting this week he will spend from 9am-2pm (up from 9-noon) with the counsellor working one on one with children and also attending events in the gymnasium.
Gatsby went to the local hospital twice to visit a friend so we took the opportunity and spent a couple hours visiting some of the nursing staff and other patients in the long term rehabilitation unit. They loved him and he did great. He is very intuitive when someone is not well and always seems to go directly to those who need it and show an interest in him the most.

The behaviours we are working on are house manners (which is ongoing) and also his manners when in public- not being able to visit everyone we encounter because he sure wants to!
Also we are working with his gentle leader and loose leash walking which is improving greatly!
With the weather improving I am going to start going to parks and busy public spaces and just hang out and have him watch the world go by and not be able to engage with people, dogs, etc. This is something that he needs to learn about the most I think.
I’ll report our progress next month!

Submitted by: Shawna and Randall Frasch