Yawwwwwn! Please excuse me I’ve been so busy napping this past month in my first month of training on the new job. My two moms are the best: one family provides me with lots of hustle and bustle of two human brothers to chase, and the other family gives me a lot of down time and urban experiences in the city. I’ve attended many hockey games, rugby games and soccer games this month as well as visits to local schools, helping me practice good greeting behaviors and work on my distraction towards children.

Aside from sitting for greetings, I’ve also napped at a number of places, including two different work offices, a concert, many restaurants, parks, and a gym. My favorite surface to nap on is a nice cold concrete or my second favorite, laminate tile. My raisers tell me napping everywhere is a very essential service dog skill and I am a very talented puppy! Some skills learned in puppy class right now are the cues “sit”, “down”, “touch”, “let’s go”, and “mine”. Puppy class is very exciting! Especially when my puppy raisers try to distract me from my favorite siblings Hendrick and Empress. Yawwwwn… pardon me… I have to go crawl into the dark cold space to dream about a romp with my Gin Litter Mates.

Submitted By: Dian Wang