October was the best month! I love smelling the falling leaves and running through the crunchy foliage in nature. I’ve had a great time with the Sedore family this month while my co-raisers were away and got to work at a cool movie studio here in Vancouver, there I met this guy called a Storm Trooper but he was boring because he didn’t give me any treats. In puppy class, I study with my sister Empress and we are both increasing our obedience with duration and distraction training. It’s fun trying to distract her, but Empress is so smart and always wins the training game… I think she would say the same about me.

October was also Howl-o-ween. At work, so many people dressed up in special outfits, so I had to get some pictures to show my furiends. Night time was loud with these big lights in the night sky; I didn’t think too much of the fireworks, just continued with my mom on our routine night time walk. I don’t see the big deal with trick or treat, as I get treats for being a good boy all day!

Submitted By: Dian Wang