Summer is here!!!!!!!!!  I just turned 2 years old – can you believe it?!  My mom was going through photos of me when I was just a wee little thing.  She always says that I was super cute and doesn’t know what happened?  LOL!  I know I’m still super cute.  So much has happened in 2 years . . . I have gone from a tiny puppy that does nothing but play and be silly to a dog with a very important job!  Now that it’s summer though, my mom has promised that we get to go to the Rockies more and play in the lakes and go for hikes because I deserve a vacation too!  Oh, something that happened is my big bro had another seizure.  He was doing really really good too!  The doctor said not to worry but I do worry a bit, so mom takes me along to the vet for support and then I just hang out with Brodie until he feels better.  We cuddle on the chair with mom and sometimes we get treats but mostly I lay beside Brodie as he sleeps.  I guess you could say I don’t just comfort kids, I comfort dogs too!!!

Submitted By: Tanya L. Miller