Happy Thanksgiving!!!  What am I grateful for?  I’m SO grateful for my PADS family and my DEPS family and my family at home.  I’m grateful for my cousin Nala (The Chocolate Lab) who plays and plays and plays with me.  We have SO much fun together!  She’s BIG, but she has never been too rough with me.  We even wrestle and play tug!!  I’m also really grateful for my HeartStrings Sheltie family.  My brother Brodie is my best friend.  He has so much patience with me – b/c believe it or not I can be very persistent and a little annoying at times J  I’m grateful for my mom who takes really good care of me.  I’m grateful for my trainers who understand me and always put my happiness and well-being first.  I am grateful for a lot of things in my life huh?  Want to hear something funny?  I’ve started sleeping my mom’s paper recycling under her desk LOL  When she says “go in” I literally jump in!  I think she was surprised the first time I did it J  Now I just do it because I like feeling all closed in sometimes.  Mom said she is going to bring a crate for under her desk so I can be more comfortable.  I hope it’s blue, I like blue.

Submitted By: Tanya L. Miller