Wow!  I can’t believe we already hallway through the first semester at school!!!!!  Crazy bones!  October was filled with lots of fun stuff like jumping in piles of leaves, going on hay rides, and Halloween!!!  Oh and of course family time at Thanksgiving J  I’m still learning new things and practicing old things.  My mom and I have started doing more agility and playing “find it”.  She says I’m a crazy busy girl who always needs a job to do.  I love running and solving puzzles so we do lots of that stuff.  Brodie (my big brother) is still better than me at some stuff but I’m fast as lightning so I still win once in a while – hehe.  I think the best day was our Sheltie Walk day.  I got to see some old friends and made some new ones too!  We ran like the wind and chased each other and got LOTS of treats for coming back whenever one of the moms called us.  So fun!  My mom said that all the “shades of sheltie” showed up that day and I bet when you see the picture you will agree!  Shelties come in all different colors and markings and even sizes!  In a bit, we will be taking time to remember the men and women who have, and still are, risking their lives to keep us safe and our country free.  Mom says we will be visiting some veterans and first responders, and I’m super excited for that!!  Oh, and I get to celebrate ANOTHER Thanksgiving with my HOOOOMAN brother!!!  He’s American and Canadian so we get double the turkey!!!  I’ll tell you more about that next month . . . to all the brave people currently serving in the military (U.S. and Canadian), we are so grateful for your sacrifice each and every day.

Submitted By: Tanya L. Miller