September flew by so fast!  I got to meet lots of new grade 10 students, took selfies with them and met their parents!!!  I love this awesome bunch.  My days are full now with meetings, going to class, and hanging out with kids.  My mom says that I’ve mastered laying under the table and being quiet during meetings.  Sometimes people don’t even know I’m there until the meeting is over and I get to come out and say hello!  I’ve FINALLY learned to shake a paw too which I’ve realized is super cool.  The students love it when I shake paws to say hello.  School is a fun place to be and being able to help kids relax and connect with one another makes me feel special.  Oh!  I’ve been in two fire drills and my mom was SO surprised at how well I did!  Crowded hallways and loud fire alarms were a little worrisome the first time but the second time, I totally aced it!  It’s no big deal and the best part is going around checking on kids at the check point outside.

Gracie II Sept 2015 Mikayla and Gracie smlThis is a picture of one of my BFFs.  Mikayla has done some pretty awesome art work featuring cutie pie, ME!  Mikayla is in grade 12 this year and has known me since I was a little fluff ball.  She is the kindest person I know and someone who I love to go to when I need some down time at work.  I will miss her when she graduates from Scarlett.

Gracie II Sept 2015 Gracie and Chance smlI also got to meet this great guy.  He’s a new boy that was brought in to Alberta Sheltie Rescue.  My mom knows his new foster mom.  We had a meet and greet at the pet store and picked out a new leash and harness for him that is getting embroidered with “I am Deaf”.  Yup, Chance is deaf but that hasn’t stopped him from learning hand signals and being all-around awesome.  Did I mention how handsome he is?  It’s kinda cool, you know, the hearing puppy helping out the deaf puppy!  I’m proud to volunteer and support such an amazing group of people and dogs.  I guess “service dog” can sometimes have a bigger meaning.

As we move into Fall, I want to wish all of my furry and not-so-furry friends a safe and memorable Thanksgiving.  I heard this quote the other day and I love it.  “Everyone you meet is fighting a battle that you know nothing about.  Be kind.”  My mom wrote it on the board in the classroom.  This Thanksgiving #BetheDifference to someone.

Submitted by our wonderful PADS Puppy-in-Training, Gracie II, and her remarkable PADS Volunteer Puppy Raiser, Tanya Miller.