Gracie Nov1Hi Santa!!!  My mom told me I should think about what would like for Christmas and that she would help me write this letter to you. You know Santa, I have a pretty great life. My raisers take good care of me and buy me toys and treats.  My first mom, Leona Stringer, grooms me and makes me look pretty for all the fun events I get to go to – and she loves me sooooo much!  My PADS family has been super kind to me. I know it’s kind of odd sometimes having a little Sheltie in class, especially a chatty one like me (I promise that I’m working on that!). Oh and I can’t forget my big big family at Dr. E. P. Scarlett High School here in Calgary!  My mom works there and we are both grateful that Principal Monfette happily welcomed me to the school. Scarlett is my favorite place to be and well, I really really like what I do there. It makes me feel very special when the big kids are so happy to see me or when they hug me tight and tell me about the sadness they are feeling. Yup – I do have the best life. I guess the only thing missing is a sponsor. Do you think you can help me out with that???  

I’m including a picture of me and some of my HeartStrings Shelties family. We Shelties come in lots of different colors 🙂 

Merry Christmas Santa!  Travel safely this year and make sure you take care of all my doggy friends out there who might be hungry or cold.  Help them find loving forever homes. 


Submitted by our amazing pup-in-training, Gracie and her fabulous Volunteer Puppy raiser, Tanya Miller