Lilo in her vest, lying down looking at camera with her front paws crossed.
This month, my mama raiser went away and had lots of personal engagements so I stayed with a lot of different sitters. It was a little stressful because I missed her but I’m learning to adjust!

When my mama raiser went to Toronto for a week, I stayed in Coquitlam with a schoolteacher. I got to spend a lot of time in a loud classroom filled with little humans. I also experienced my first ever fire drill! It was a little alarming at first, but I was okay.

I also got to go on a fun play date with Harley and Nessa! Harley’s so much fun – I feel like we’re brothers. I simply couldn’t get enough of him! Nessa was really cool too but she’s a little too chill for me.

I’m getting a lot better at my duration but I’m still working on my default mine behaviour. It’s hard to resist eating all my kibble especially when my mama raiser puts a handful in front of me. I’m starting to understand that I need to make eye contact first before I get a treat. It’s hard but I’m getting the hang of it!

Submitted By: Vivian Dang