Grey enjoyed a road trip through the US (to avoid the smokey #1 Highway) to Medicine Hat. She was great in the hotel and at restaurants although she still likes to vacuum up any crumbs that may be on the floor. She visited Fort Walsh National Historic Park and had her photo taken with a “Northwest Mounted Police”. She only briefly took notice of a calf that was in the yard probably because she has been exposed to cows before. She was a bit of a pest to the host family’s pet (always wanting to play and the older dog would have nothing to do with that) while in Medicine Hat but otherwise behaved nicely in their home. Grey travels well in the car and is so much better about Car cue although she still takes a bit of extra time when she’s exiting. She was in an off leash park for the first time in about 4 weeks and on 3 different recalls she came to me (latency time less than 1 sec) which she has never done when in a play off-leash environment before. HOORAY! Well we will see next time ­čÖé

Submitted by: Vivian Pritchard