July 12 we attended a De-Stress event at Fortis – she did well. Folks commented on how ‘good’ she was even though there was lots of excitement when we first arrived seeing her brother, Shepherd etc. After we separated the dogs she was able to obey cues. We continue to work on overcoming distractions and there are days when she is 100% and THEN there are days when we wonder where Grey went, she totally is gone. lol While in Calgary, we visited my relatives who had another dog in the house. Initial excitement but were able to get Grey to settle and lay down beside us for the rest of the visit. We then visited another home that had 2 cats and 2 birds. She didn’t see the cats (they knew enough to hide) and the birds attracted her attention with the chirps but she just looked but did not give them too much attention. (translation – no barking or whining)

Submitted By: Vivian Pritchard