Grey has made tremendous progress regarding eating sticks – in fact she rarely does this now. In fact, she has learned to play without having a stick in her mouth. Although when at the dog park, she will sometimes pick up a stick in order to get other dogs to chase her, when the chase has stopped, she no longer tries to eat the stick(s). We have increased her food slightly so perhaps this has helped. Grey’s dog distraction has also improved – she is getting better at obeying the command sit, (not 100%) but improvement made and also great improvement made in staying engaged with me once she does see a dog in the distance. Her barking at random things times is still a concern, and we continue to work on keeping her calm when she does use her voice. Grey II would like to say thank you to her sponsor and really appreciated the support. Grey wishes her sponsors a very Merry Christmas and all the best in the New Year!

Submitted By: Vivian Pritchard