Very proud of Grey overcoming her challenges with the Halloween costumes. Was super proud of her when we went to Metrotown. No problem with any of the items we had to walk by or on or in (elevator). Knowing food is a challenge, we made a detour through the food court. She did pull once (I at first thought it was because there was something on the floor) but it was because it was 2 other PADS dogs under the table. One of the other dogs barked once but she did not react and it was rather easy for me to get her attention and walk the other way. We continue to challenge her on the leash meeting other dogs. It is the only time we really still need to use the freedom halter. We’ve been walking along the Vedder River almost every day because it is a place where many walk their dogs. She is getting better and better each day but still a work in progress. Oh and one more funny thing: We were in Save-On at the check out (she had done amazing – nose more up than down) and she noticed the Dog statue for collecting funds for the seeing eye program. She barked once but then realized her mistake. I think in this case it was the eyes lol NOTE: I have tried loading photos but it doesn’t seem to be letting me.

Submitted By: Vivian Pritchard