This month I went on some wonderful walks in the sunshine (when we could find some). I celebrated Family Day by going camping with my hooman family overnight. It was so much fun. We went on lots of walks and played in the forest a little bit. I also went for an adventure in White Rock where so many people there loved meeting me. I watched a bunch of birds however I didn’t try to chase any of them. On Valentines Day I celebrated with my absolute favourite friend, Queenie. She sent me a cute card of both of us.

I enjoyed seeing all kinds of animals and people at the Pet Lover Show. I even met a Lama – she was pretty nice. It was great to have so many people come visit me and pet me.

This month my Hooman took me to the vet and I had a little surgery – ouch! I had some time off to recover, rest, and heal up.

Skills being learned:
“Stand”, “heel”, “side”, “chin”

Recent field trips:
Pet Lovers Show – Trade Ex
Camping at Golden Ears
White Rock

Behaviours working on:
Hanging out in my crate on my own
Learning to love getting my nails cut

Submitted By: Laura Nelson