I had a an adventure in March and went to visit a new puppy sitter and live in Downtown Vancouver for a Week. I went for a walk to Stanley Park and along the Sea Wall. We had a great time and I discovered a new delicacy – goose poop – which I’m not allowed to eat. I love going to visit new puppy sitters!

I met a new friend at Old Navy but something seemed off with him – he didn’t want to play with me? In fact, he didn’t move at all which was very strange. I also went to the Langley airport for the first time and saw a bunch of little planes. One of my hoomans got into a little plane and flew away and then I was so glad when she came back a few days later. There’s a picture of me at the airport waiting for her to come back. My hoomans took me to the park and then my big sister ran into the water and went for a swim. I ran into the water and was a little shocked. Still not sure about this whole swimming thing. Maybe, I’ll try it in the summer when the water is bit warmer.

Submitted By: Laura & Dave Nelson