I’m not sure what happened in March but things changed a lot. I love being home with my hoomans more and they have been taking me for lots of walks. I also get to play outside in the sun a lot with my sister pup! We’ve been exploring close to home and it’s been really nice. I’ve had more time to practice my skills and I’m getting pretty good at lots of them. My hoomans gave me a present too – a toy that they fill with my food. I have to use my big brain to figure out how to get the treats out. I do miss going into school and seeing all my school friends. I hope I can see them again soon!

Skills being learned:
– Stand, Heel, Side, Chin, loose leash walking
Behaviours working on:
– Hanging out in my crate on my own
– Learning to love getting my nails cut – bananas help a lot!
– Not barking when the doorbell rings

Submitted By: Laura Nelson