I spent a lot of time at home and going for walks in May.  It’s nice to be home, but I miss my frenz at school.  I hope that I can go back to school soon.  I made a devotion for my friends at school on being a servant worker.  They really liked it and I explained to them that they can’t grow up to be a service dog.

I’ve been working on settling in my bed and getting all my feets and tail on there too.  It a lot of work but I like the treats that I get afterwards.  My hooman has been working on her clicker training and she’s getting much better at it.  I like the treats that come with clicker training.  It’s been a relaxing month but we’ve had a few adventures.

I went to visit my Aunty Pattie and guess what???  I got to meet my Dad – PADS Balfour!  We had a big play and it was so much fun.  I’ve always wanted to meet my Dad!  We got along really well and I hope we can hang out again soon.  I liked visiting my Aunty Pattie because then I got to hang out in the big city of Vancouver.  I had lots of fun!

My hooman says that we’re still working on helping me to enjoy my pawdicures – bananas and peanut butter really help the situation.

Submitted By: Laura Nelson