Lilo in her vest, lying down looking at camera with her front paws crossed.

Pupdate: November has been a very exciting month for me. I met my new golden sister (Kili) and my new family. I love to play with my golden sister and cuddle with her too. She keeps me pretty busy at home! During the day, I get to go to high school with Mom. There are so many kids that love to pet me and talk to me. I’m a big hit at the high school! 

Since I was born in California, I’m not sure about all this wet stuff falling from the sky or the freezing cold wet stuff on the ground in the morning … brrr it’s cold here. I’ve also explored some really exciting things this month! I met the lawn mower and the cat (she doesn’t really like me). I went to my first Professional Development Day and many meetings with mom (yawn – they are a little boring but sometimes mom gives me a stuffed kong to make it more interesting). All the teachers are so amazed at how chill I am. So many firsts this month – Starbucks, shopping, PADS event, Puppy Kindergarten, dinner out. It’s been a lot of fun learning and growing so much!

Submitted By: Laura & Dave Nelson