Guess what? I’ve been taking Pre-Calculus at school! I’m such a smart puppy! I pay attention for a little bit but it’s kind of boring so I put my head down and have a little nap. I have this awesome desk that I go under and I sleep really well. All the kids watch me in awe, wishing that they could sleep too. I’ve attended a few Pro-D Days with my Hooman and they’re pretty good too. I like visiting with all the teachers.

I went on a trip to Kelowna this month. I love being in the car and I was such a good girl at the hotel too. We had fun going for walks and out for dinner. I even saw a few deer and didn’t know what to do with them – so I just watched them closely.

At Halloween all these people came to visit me. They were so happy to see me! My Mom says they came for the candy but I’m sure they came to see me! There were a lot of fireworks in the evening but I didn’t mind them either.

Submitted By: Laura & Dave Neslon