It’s been a busy month back at school. I’ve been helping some of my friends at school as they deal with Covid and stress and school work. I have a few friends that come to visit me everyday. All the students and staff love seeing me in the hall. I brighten up their day. Sometimes I get to visit AFD PADS Summer at the Elementary school and if we’re really good we get to go for a play. We also had a friend come to stay with us for a few days. I really enjoyed playing and working with Pads Wilbur.

This month we have also been checking out some Universities. I hear it may almost be time for me to head off to Puppy University and a few special people in my life are getting ready to head off to University too. Mama says she’s going to miss us all when we head off to Uni but I keep telling her that we will come back for snuggles.

I’ve been working really hard on behaving well around other dogs and my loose leash walking. I think I”m getting pretty good at these things. We’re still working on the barking and I enjoy the treats on my bed when I don’t bark.

Submitted by: Dave & Laura Nelson