HAMMOND has been taking his hard work out on the road this month, practicing his skills in various new locations. He put on a fabulous demonstration at the Spruce Meadows Winter Market where PADS was presented with a generous donation from the Leg Up Foundation. We are beginning to develop some wheelchair skills with him so that we can start the process of finding him his perfect match.

  • Skills being learned: Body targeting, movement skills, chin targeting, retrieve foundations, ‘step’, bracing skills, ‘light’, ‘tug’, ‘button’, ‘up’, ‘push’, ‘switch’, ‘behind.
  • Recent field trips: Shopper’s Drug Mart, Marlborough Mall, Spruce Meadows Winter Fair
  • Possible behavior challenges: Cautious on different surfaces and with body movement, very energy efficient, some discomfort while riding a bus.
  • Potential career path: Service

Thank you again for all your support of Advanced Dog Hammond!

Submitted by: Advanced Trainer Miranda Turenne