HAMMOND has been working hard on his service skills and is making progress in leaps and bounds. His training continues to focus around bracing skills and working while wearing a bracing harness. Hammond has begun to transfer all the skills he has learned in the training center to the outside world so he can begin to generalize his skills in public. When he is not training hard with trainer Miranda, Hammond loves to have a good romp at an off-leash park with his training buddies Iroko, Willow, Burke, Webber and Brite.

  • Skills being learned: Body Targeting, movement skills, chin targeting, retrieving, ‘step’, bracing skills, ‘light’, ‘tug’, ‘button’.
  • Recent field trips: Camper’s Village, Petland, Chasin’ Tails, Superstore.
  • Possible behavior challenges: Cautious on different surfaces and with body movement, very energy efficient, some discomfort while riding a bus.
  • Potential career path: Service

Thank you again for all your support of Advanced Dog Hammond!

Submitted by: Advanced Trainer Miranda Turenne