Hardy II has been enjoying his time in advanced training, getting to know Ashley and learning new skills. He has shown some hesitancy and discomfort with some objects, surfaces, heights, and tighter spaces. He has been working with different games and exercises to build his confidence and comfort at his own pace. So far, he is coming along nicely, and we hope to see this continue over the holiday break when he works on this with his sitters. We hope that with some good rest as well that he will carry his willingness, bravery and growth into the new year!

  • Skills being learned: Practice of foundations and introduction of potential skills
  • Recent field trips:  Neighbourhood around PADS campus
  • Possible behavior challenges:  freezing for some surfaces or perceived tight spaces
  • Advanced training location: West Coast

Thank you again for all your support of Advanced Dog Hardy II!

Submitted by: Ashley, Service & Hearing Dog Instructor