Where to begin! February was so short! I packed in a lot of fun activities, places, training and new friends!
See, when you’re a dog with a job, you get to explore your surroundings, new people, new dogs, new smells, new places, and new things! All while practicing skills.
This month I got to hang out with a new sitter and learn about pianos and settling when the kids play! The kids loved me. I got to snuggle and love on them while they gave me scritches!
Once I got back home, we were off on more adventures, visiting Ikea, stores, and I even hung out with my pals for an off leash dog walk. We practiced walking without a leash, recall games, and sitting with duration as well as distance from hoomans. I even held my sit while my friends wandered and played around me. I also went on an adventure to learn about boats. I learned how they smell, all the sizes, the noises and the movements.
This month I have been working on refining my puppy kindergarten skills, like sit and recall. I am also practicing new skills like Go-in and backwards Loose Leash Walking.
I can’t wait to tell you all about what March brings!

Submitted By: Angela Hansen and Steven Reimer