Hey Frens!

I’ve been working hard on my engagement in distracted situations, like when dogs are around! I LOVE dogs! So I have been practicing some fun games with my hoomans when my furry frens come around. Things seem to be changing a little. Not only is it starting to get warm outside, but hoomans took me on my first cape-outing to something called Korean BBQ. I had a good snooze and hooman was doing a happy dance after we left. She said I did so good! Hoomans and I also went for a relaxing time at a park, and when I was settling under the table minding my business this spicy puppy came around and was barking at me telling me to come play, but I showed him that this is settling time and soon enough spicy puppy settled too! Hoomans also took me to visit a lake and we went on a fun trail run where I morphed into a muddy swamp monster, though I wasn’t too sure why hooman said I’d need a bath when we got home. Silly hooman! I worked hard to be a muddy swamp monster.

Can’t wait to report in what fun adventures we will have next month frens!

Submitted By: Angela Hansen and Steve Reimer