This month was so pawsome! In the beginning of the month, I met up with my bro, Comox, at the Vancouver Outdoor Adventure & Travel show. I got to snuggle with Les Stroud, Survivorman. He smelt of lab-pawfume – my favorite! Hooman said I was pawsitively perfect! It was great to show off my focus on my Hooman while being surrounded by so many people, new smells, strange objects, and Sasquatches!

I think Hoomans were inspired by the show because they surprised me with my very first road trip and hotel sleepover in a cool convertible kennel! They took me to see all sorts of new places, parks, ocean, buildings, fountains, shops, and more. Shortly after we returned, we became housebound. Working from home has its advantages you know! On top of practicing all of my house manners and doing some fun training challenges, I get to snuggle Hooman under the desk with my blankie! I absolutely love cuddles you know!

Until next month frens!

Submitted By: Angela Hansen & Steve Reimer