Hey frenz!

Whatever it was that went on last month in the hooman’s world is still going on this month.  We have been taking time off from the cape in public but we still practice in the house with it.

Sometimes hooman changes the house around so it can be my “new” workspace to practice my settling.  Hooman also likes to introduce new situations.  One morning I woke up and there were like 10 different boxes and puzzles in the living room that I had to solve to get my breaky!  It was so fun!  Another time, she got me used to really small places by getting me comfortable walking through a box and then sitting in it – it’s really helped me realize how big I have grown and being comfortable while getting my body in smaller spaces like footwells, park benches, and planes! 


When she’s not surprising me with these crazy things, we work on my old cues like “bed” but with twists, like I have to do it with a doorbell as my cue – how cool is that!  We’ve also been working on core strength and duration on stands, sits and downs, while hooman requests the cues from a distance or sometimes puts food in front of me!

Each week I go on a car ride and then a fun walk, where I practice my loose leash walking, as other dogs, cats, squirrels, geese, and horses walk by me.  Sometimes hooman finds a spot for me to practice my “jump on” and I get to pose for the pup-arazzi!  On one walk, I got to meet up with my brother, PADS Comox!  It was so great to meet up with him!  We even got to practice our off-leash loose leash walking and our “go in” under park benches that had so much grass that at first, I wasn’t sure where I would fit, but then I showed hooman I can push the grass down and just lay on top of it!  I am a smart cookie!


I love playing with hooman and sometimes when she’s sitting too long I bring her my toy and say, “It’s time to play, hooman!” by holding it in my mouth and staring at her until she looks at me, then, I drop it in her hand or lap and get my wiggle bum game on!  I hope you guys are taking time to play in this time too!  Until next time!  Sending my snuggles and wiggle bums your way!

Submitted By: Angela & Steve Hansen Reimer