Harrison is rooming with Pan.  He goes out to play with Dot and his brother Lennon.

Harrison is hard at work.  My main focus has been to work on his two big challenges with regards to his panting and retrieve and his comfort around a power chair.

He is so clever and eager.  We have been working on his nose breathing (for retrieve) and he is very good at it when close to me.  We are still working on him maintaining this when he is walking or bringing an item from a distance.  That being said he is now picking up some more difficult items from the floor.  He is confidently grabbing keys, a phone, a bottle.  He still needs to steady his hold, but his confidence and enthusiasm in grabbing items is great!

For work around the chair we are working on making the chair a fun place to be.  He is a quick learner and now knows (or is working on) “foot” – putting his front paws on the chairs foot plate, “my lap” – his upper body on my lap, “behind” – move to stand/walk behind the chair.  We are also still working with walking next to the chair on the left and now adding in the right side.  He is getting more confident with this as well.

Overall he is doing quite well, but still has some moments of struggling with his arousal spikes.  He really does want to do his best, but sometimes he has trouble listening and will offer other behaviours/skills.

I really enjoy working with him and I hope that we can continue to make progress!  I’ve included some photos from working with him around a chair.

Thanks again for all the love and hard work you have put into him, he is such a wonderful dog!

Next week the advanced dogs will all have a break because we are doing another round of pre-advanced dog assessments, and then we will get right back into the swing of things. 

Submitted By: Ashley Siddals