Now that Covid-19 restrictions are beginning to ease, Harvest II had the opportunity to visit his puppy raiser’s workplace. On the 7th floor of the building, he got to experience office life, with the need to settle for long periods, and ignore the day to day interruptions of people moving in and out. He’s had good practice with elevator manners and is quite happy to negotiate the echoing stairwells too. A nearby series of trails are a nice break at lunchtime!

July brought many ‘firsts’ including a fire alarm at work (for which he was remarkably un-phased despite the LOUD ringing bells), mini-golfing, a trip up to a Pitt Lake cabin by boat, and local trips to stores including Costco and IKEA. Harvest waited very patiently as our family dined at the busy cafeteria there. Harvest has decided that movie theatres, at this point in his life, are not for him. The noise and action of Cruella, with all its barking dogs, was a bit much so we opted to hang out elsewhere for much of the movie. We’ve learned that we’ll have to practice this noisiness at home!

Submitted by: Nicole