Hayward had a very busy start to the new year. After spending some time with his fantastic sitters in Nanaimo BC, he returned to his raiser, and together they headed back to the office. Hayward has met lots of new dog friends this month and has been enjoying exercising his ever growing legs by going on lots of group off leash walks. Off-leash walks give Hayward the opportunity to work on his recall and check-ins. Hayward has had lots of adventures in cape as well. He is now a professional at taking public transit and enjoys meeting new people and telling them all about PADS. He especially enjoys meeting children and sitting nicely for a visit. This month Hayward has been working on his impulse control, as well as staying focused on his raiser in busy environments. Last week his raiser made him a snuffle matt that is put to good use almost daily. Hayward loves “snuffling” for treats. Hayward is looking forward to seeing what the new year has in store for him. Thank you for being part of Hayward’s journey so far.

Submitted by: Katie Brown