This month has been full of adventures. I got to visit Hayward lake, saw horses in downtown Vancouver, got to cheer on the White Caps and got to play with one of my sisters and my mom! It was so cool to get to visit the lake I was named after. I got to run and play with some of my PADS friends and even had my very first real swim! Later in the month some of my PADS friends organized a trip to the Whitecaps game. Here I got to practice working in large crowds and ignoring loud cheers. I am so grateful to everyone who helps organize all the outings I have had the opportunity to be part of. Outings like this help me to practice what I have learned out in the world and help me on my journey to become a service dog when I’m older. Currently, I am practicing the 3 D’s of dog training; Distance, Distraction, and Duration. These can be tricky sometimes but I’m up for the challenge! Happy May everyone!
– Hayward

Submitted by: Katie Brown